Electrospray Ionisation Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

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features:  orthogonal extraction

gridless reflector + detector

TDC with 0.5ns

UHV vacuum system

positive/negative Ions

mass resolution > 27000 (FWHM)

mass range > 200000 (m/z)


The main components of the ALBATROS Esi-ToF are shown below. Ions are created at atmospheric pressure by an electrospray source (e.g. ion-spray, nano-spray, micro-spray, E-spray, etc.) or any other source of positive or negative ions.

After passing highly efficient differential pumping stages symbolized by the skimmer and the apertures, the ions are injected orthogonally into the time-of-flight mass spectrometer.

In normal mode of operation the ion gate is open, and there is no gas in the collision cell. Then the ions pass unhindered into the reflector and detector of the mass analyser.

To perform MS/MS experiments, there is a collision cell and an ion gate at the Wiley-McLaren focus. Here a packet of ions is selected, which is broken up in the collision gas. The reflector then analyses the fragments.

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Peptides and Proteins




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