Digital Delay Generator / Pulse Generator

PCI-Card: BME_SG08p


for precision Timing with low Jitter

Circuit Description

The BME_SG08p is a PCI delay generator with 6 outputs generating signals delayed from 50nsec to 429sec, in steps of 25 picoseconds, with respect to a trigger event. The trigger event can be generated by an internal counter or by an external signal fed to the trigger input connector.
The BME_SG08p can acheive repetition rates between 0.002Hz and 15MHz.

A trigger circuit starts the delay counters. There are 6 counters, A, B, C, D, E and F.
Two different output modes can be selected:
- Pulse-Mode: a delayed pulse of specified pulse-length
- Gate-Mode: the outputs A and B can be combined to form a gate signal, i.e. a rising(falling) edge after delay A has elapsed and a falling(rising) edge after delay B has elapsed, so you get an pulse with a variable(25ps resolution) pulse-width from 2ns to 429s.

The BME_SG08p card synchronizes the delayed ouputs to an external trigger with an RMS Jitter of less than 250ps.
An external clock can be fed to the external trigger input connector, which can additionally be gated and prescaled.
If more than 6 outputs (or more than 3 gate output) are needed, two ore more cards can be slaved with a ribbon-cable, resulting in 12 or more synchronous delayed outputs.


Delays Delayrange 50ns - 429s (44bit)
  Delayresolution 25ps
  min. Dalaytime : 50ns (Insertion-Delay)
  Error :    <(1ns + 25ppm * delay)    )1
  RMS Jitter:      Output to Output: <(50ps + 10-8 * delay)       )1
Trigger to Output: <(250ps + 10-8 * delay)     )
Trigger External: Threshold Range: -2.5V to 2.5V in Steps of 1.2mV
    Slope :                rising or falling edge
    Input impedance : 10kR or 50R
  Internal: by a modulo-N counter running with the main clock
    Repetition Rate :     0.002Hz - 15MHz
Outputs A,B,C,D,E,F Mode : Pulse or Gate (AB), (CD), (EF) output
  Load :  50R or 25R,
  Risetime :  <1.2ns for TTL, 5V (typical) 
  Levels :  TTL: 0 to 5V normal or inverted
General Clock Source:  Internal:    80Mhz (160MHz)
             accuracy: 10ppm        T.C.: <1ppm/C        )1
    External:    max. 500MHz with prescaler
  Interface :  PCI-Bus;        signal compatibility 3.3V and 5V
  Interrupts : can be fired with the finish of any of the delays A, B, C, D, E, F or after detection of a trigger event
    It is also possible to fire an interrupt with the main trigger of the delay generator(s), or after a fixed number of triggers has occurred.

 )1 Accuracy and Jitter depend on Clock Source (specs with 25ppm clock source)
     optional 1ppm clock source available



Application:    Laser Timing

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