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The splitterbox is a small FPGA-based timing board which helps to prevent false trigger conditions and correct them if possible. If one wants the splitterbox to be integrated into our system it will be built into the front-panel of the powersupply. If that is not necessary it will be connected to the 24V connector on the backside of the powersupply. The functionality of the splitterbox is controlled by 28 small DIL switches inside the Box.




Singlepulsecontrol The rising ede acts as ‘on’ trigger, the falling edge as ‘off’ trigger
Dualpulsecontrol The ‘on’ trigger selects whether a ‘on’ or ‘off’ trigger is generated at a rising edge of the ‘off’ trigger
Split The ‘on’ and ‘off’ trigger events are routed to one of the four outputs in a specific order. Four different modes are available
Gate The inputsignals can be gated by a TTL signal
Maximum Pulsewidth The maximum time difference between a ‘on’ and ‘off’ trigger can be set.
Triggerwidth The pulsewidth of the triggersignals can be set.
Retrigger The splitterbox retriggers or resets the switch after a certain time period
Dual Input The ‘off’ input is used as a second ‘on’ signal. It is not gated.
Differential Switch If a differential switch is connected at the output this switch deactivates the lower limit of 50ns between ‘on’ and ‘off’ trigger events.

If any other fuctionality is needed feel free to ask for a special version of the splitterbox


General Specifications


Inputs Level 0 to 5V, 10ns pulsewidth into 50 Ohm, Schmitt-Trigger
Jitter Input to Output: 250ps
Output to Output: 250ps
Max. operating Frequency 50MHz
Ouputs TTL 0 to 5V into 50 Ohm,
Risetime 1.2ns
Power Input


24V DC


Technical Drawings