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Every Pockels cell needs perfect alignment for the best possible performance. To get the best alignment we do have a set of different alignment tables which can be ordered separately from our Pockels cell driver systems.

4-Axis Alignment Table

5-Axis Alignment Table

Roll Mount

4-Axis Alignment Table

The 4-axis alignment table is available in three different versions. It can align the height, depth, pitch and yaw of a Pockel cell or other optic. We offer three different 4-axis tables.

5-Axis Alignment Table

This 5-axis alignment table can adjust height, depth, pitch, yaw and roll independently. It is designed for a beam height of 127mm (5 inch).

Roll Mount for 4-Axis Alignment Table

The roll mount can be screwed onto a 4-axis alignment table to increase the number of adjustable axis to five. This attachment only works with vertically mounted 4-axis tables.