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Timing Electronics

Our lineup of accessories ranges from a small ethernet to I2C adapter for our power supplies to small computers with 4 PCI slots to large industry computers with up to 12 PCI slots. If you need a different accessory, please contact us.



Ethernet to I2C Adapter

PCIe Box

Modern desktop PC’s usually only have PCIe expansion slots. If one want’s to use a PCI expansion card within such a system, the only way to do so is either using an old computer, or using a PCIe to PCI bridge.

Industry PC

For large centralized trigger systems we offer industry PCs in 19“ 3HE casings with up to 12 PCI slots. Thus up to 72 individual delay channels can be controlled by such a unit.


To get a standalone delay generator controlled via ethernet it is possible to insert up to 4 delay generator cards into a Box PC. If a decentralized trigger network is to be implemented into a Laser system multiple Box-PCs can be placed close to the components which have to be triggered. The Box-PCs can be connected to the lab network and to the same trigger signal. The main laboratory computer then controls all delay generators within the network. This technique minimizes the wiring efforts in a large laboratory.

Ethernet to I2C Adapter

In large Laser systems with multiple Pockels cells it can be of use if the not only the timing electronics, but also the high voltage electronics can be controlled by a main lab-computer. For this we developed a ethernet to I2C bridge, specifically desinged for use with our powersupplies.