BME Bergmann

Bergmann Messgeräte Entwicklung KG

Amplitude Legacy Systems

We supplied Pockels cell Drivers as well as Powersupplies Amplitude Lasers.

If one of these components is faulty, please contact us for repair / replacement.


Specification of the used Systems

Name Material Reprate Rise/fall Voltage
pp5c3 BBO 200kHz 5nsec 5kV
pp5d3 BBO 180kHz 4nsec 5kV
bpp2.5c2 BBO 200kHz 4nsec 5kV
bpp3.4e7 BBO 1kHz 5nsec 6kV
bpp3c5 BBO 1.25MHz 6nsec 6kV
bpp4.5c3 BBO 50kHz 4nsec 5kV
qs2.5c1 BBO 10kHz 3.2nsec 3.6kV