BME Bergmann

Bergmann Messgeräte Entwicklung KG


To get a standalone Delaygenerator controlled via Ethernet it is possible to build up to five Delaygenerator cards into a Box PC. If a decentralized Trigger network is to be implemented into a Laser system multiple Box-PCs can be placed close to the components which have to be triggered. The Box-PCs then have to be connected to the lab network and to the same trigger signal. The main Lab-Computer can then control all Delaygenerators within the network. This technique minimizes the wiring efforts in a large laboratory.


General Specifications


Tank-800 DFi EC550 HD4861
Dimensions 136 x 219 x 188 mm³ 235 x 208 x 222 mm³
Prozessor Intel D525 1.8GHz Dual Core
USB 2.0 4 4
USB 3.0 0 2
Ethernet 2x RJ-45 Realtek 2x RJ-45 Intel
RS-232 4x DB-9 4x DB-9
RS-422/485 2x RJ-45
PCI 2x 5x
PCIe 1x PCIe x4 (physical x16) 1x PCIe x1