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High Voltage Electronics

We design and build high voltage switches and power supplies of various different types. Usually a system consists of a Pockels Cell Driver Head and a high voltage power supply but we also offer integrated systems. All our systems fulfill the necessary EMC and safety regulations.

Driver Head

Power Supply

Integrated System

Pockels Cell Driver Head

The core of our Pockels cell driver heads are high performance solid state switches. All driver heads are EMC tested to suite medical applications as well as research applications. They are available in one of our standard housing as well as in any specifically designed housing which suits your specific needs. The Pockels Cell is mounted in a separate compartment on top of a four or five-axis alignment table. Usually the Pockels cell is integrated into the driver head, detachable Pockels cell compartments can be designed as well. Beam height varies from 28mm to 80mm but any custom height can be fabricated upon customer request.

High Voltage Powersupply

Standard power supplies are built into a 19″ 3HE housing but any special housing can be designed and manufactured. In “Local” mode the output voltage is set on the front panel with a 10-turn potentiometer. For easy use within large laser systems the output voltage can also be set by a serial interface or an analog control voltage. The power supply is equipped with a large number of safety and surveillance functions.

Integrated Systems

For very tight space requirements it is possible to integrate both the high voltage switch as well as the high voltage power supply into one housing. Below find a selection of different housings. The parameters of such a system depend on available space and cooling.

Legacy Systems

All major Laser manufactureres stop servicing their lasers at some point.